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Erlonat 150mg Tablets : Generic Erlotinib India

Medicine Detail

Brand Name: Erlonat 150mg 

Active Ingredients: Erlotinib Hydrochloride 150mg 

Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd.

Strength: 150 mg 

Form:  Tablets

Packing:  Strips of 30 Tablets 

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Looking For Pancreatic And Non-Small Liver Cancer Solution- Try Erlonat Erlotinib Tablets

Out of the most deadly forms of cancer, pancreatic and non-small liver cancer is one. The biggest solution for this cancer issue is chemotherapy, but people are now looking for several alternatives to the therapy due to several issues. In this finding of the alternate solution, the best one that most of the people and physicians found is Erlonat 150mg Erlotinib Tablets. 
This medicine is manufactured by NATCO Pharma, which is branded under the name of Erlonat. The medicine has 150 mg salt named Erlotinib which is constituted in the form of solid medicine. If you are also suffering from this deadly form of cancer and are looking forward to seeking treatment from this medicine, then you should look at the details of this medicine. 

How does the medicine work?
The working of this medicine is simple. The salt present in this medicine is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor which is also known as the protein responsible for the growth of cells. The cells, when they start growing in abundance, form a tumor which takes the form of cancer. Now, as the salt enters the body, then they start searching for the cells that are growing and becoming the reason for the tumor. The salt gets attached to the epidermal growth factor receptors and stops the functioning of the cells. 
With the stunted growth, the chances of getting the tumor decreases, and with regularity in dose, the cells that are causing this issue completely diminish. 

How to use this medicine?
While consuming the medicine, a person should keep in mind that the medicine should be swallowed directly. One should not chew the medicine by mistake as due to that, the medicine effect decreases. 
  • The medicine is required to be taken empty stomach. The meaning of this fact is that either a person should eat food at least 1 hour after the consumption of medicine or take medicine 2 hours after the food intake. 
  • The water which should be taken with this medicine should be huge. The reason behind this is that Erlonat medicine can cause dehydration also for which one should be prepared in advance.
Dose to be consumed
All the people out there should know that the dose of the Erlonat Erlotinib tablet is decided by the physician who is treating you. For that, you should get all the updated reports of your condition. After the reports have complied, you should show them to your doctor, and based on that, they will write a prescription to you, which is taken with water. There are many times a person misses the dose. For this situation, one should contact their doctor first hand that this missed dose-effect their treatment or not. 
Along with that, one should also see the time which is left for the next dose. If the time is more than 12 hours, then one should take the Erlonat Tabletmedicine as soon as possible. In case the time is less than, one should not think of making up for the missed dose and focus on the next dose. On the other hand, if a person takes an overdose of the medicine, then they have to call the physician and tell them the symptoms that they can notice on their body. If the symptoms are more then, they should contact the poison control center and demand help. 

Warnings to be taken care of
  • The first warning is that a person should never take alcohol with the medicine as it can show bad effects. 
  • A person who is suffering from gastric issues should never take this medicine. It interacts very badly with the medicine. 
  • Those who have renal issues must also avoid this medicine. Its interaction with renal medicines is very severe. 
  • The grapes juices should also be avoided with this medicine.

Side effects of the Erlonat Erlotinib Tablet
The side effects that are related to the medicine are mentioned below.  
  • The first side effects that are related to this medicine are burning sensations of the palms. Along with that, there is some tangling type feel also. 
  • The backs and sides of the person can also feel some pain. 
  • One can suffer from diarrhea amid consumption of this medicine, followed by a severe cough. 
  • Sometimes a person can also notice that their body is chilling after the medicine due to fever. 
  • There is an issue of blurred vision which a person experiences. 

Where to buy this medicine?
To buy this medicine, one should always choose the online source. Now you must be thinking that which source will be the best, then they should visit Rxlane. They are a certified seller and exporter of the medicine selling and delivering the medicine at the lower price possible. Rxlane is an Indian Trusted Overseas Medicines Supplier of Erlonat Erlotinib 150mg Tablet accessible brands at discount costs. We export Anti Cancer Medicine abroad including the USA, Japan, Singapore, HongKong, Taiwan, China, UAE, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so forth and different nations. To know more Contact us at Mail: myrxlane@gmail.com.

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